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The Boutique Park Lane Manhattan Condominiums for Sale – Located in the Central Park New York Real Estate Market in the Uppwer West Side Neighbourhood

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The Park Lane Manhattan Condominiums for Sale in Central Park North New York Ever dream about living right beside Central Park New York? Well, your dreams can be fulfilled here at the new Park Lane Manhattan condominiums for sale just north of Central Park New York real estate market. Located at 119 West 112th Street, [...]

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The Luxury Central Park West Fitzgerald New York Apartments for Sale – Morningside Heights Real Estate Offering Duplexes and Boutique Condos – The Fitzgerald Condominiums

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The Central Park West Fitzgerald New York City Condominiums Located in a prime New York real estate community, The Fitzgerald luxury condominiums present spacious and urban living spaces at Morningside Heights neighborhood in Central Park West NYC. The Fitzgerald New York luxury condominiums is where the living is grand and the home financing is made [...]

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Legacy of the Apthorp New York Condominium Building Lives On – Luxury Manhattan Condos for Sale in the Upper West Side NY Real Estate Marketplace

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The Legacy of the New York Apthorp Building Lives On Through These Luxury Condos for Sale One of the best known historic sites in New York City real estate residences would be the living masterpiece called The Apthorp. Modeled after the Pitti Palace in Florence and brought to life by William Waldorf Astor, The Upper [...]

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